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Literary Pub Crawl (sans Pub)

Literary Pub Crawl

I initially wanted to take the Book Lovers' Tour, but then missed it and settled on the Pub Crawl. The same guy (Allan Foster) does both anyway and he doesn't recommend to attend the other if you've seen one of them.

We were a small group of four American tourists, the guide and me, and since none of us was overly interested in the imbibing part of the tour we just browsed through Oxford Bar ("The Ox" of Rebus fame from Ian Rankins' Novels) without actually getting to the bar and then went on to the old university Building where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had studied and found the model for his Sherlock Holmes - surgeon William Henley, to the Chinese Restaurant where J. K. Rowling wrote parts of The Philosopher's Stone, Burns' love life and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's possible inspiration for his novel The Lost World