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I've got shit to do ...

Ani DiFranco

Guess there's something wrong with me
Guess I don't fit in
No one wants to touch it
No one knows where to begin
I've got more than one membership
To more than one club
And I owe my life
To the people that I love

He looks me up and down
Like he knows what time it is
Like he's got my number
Like he thinks it's his
He says,
Call me, Miss DiFranco,
If there's anything I can do
I say,
It's Mr. DiFranco to you


I could answer, I got to know lots of interesting people. But that would happened in the real world, en passant. I could mention the skills I acquired, commercial aptitude and geek-status ... but who cares. I always stress the relevance of both grassroots and traditional media content joining rows in the virtual domain of the net, but except for advanced search features (of which I'm still not sure wether they cost me my fluency skimming over a text) it would just mean more trips to the library - as for now, I stll have to learn not to purchase all the books I could ever want to read or cite ... The other point is communication, but emails are just a tad faster than letters: I hear penpals manage similar content throughput in both media.

No, the only constant enrichment directly related to my contact with internet technologies is entirely (if not excessively) non-technical, non-communicative and only good for a few hours a month: it was probably amazon.com that offered 30s-mp3-clips of Little Plastic Castle and other songs, which I subsequently ordered ... and later I purchased more from Righteous Babe Records. Her songs, sometimes funny, sometimes melancholic, always witty, still make me laugh and cry and think after almost ten years.