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The Fallen Apple

MacBook Pro with XP

So now they've done it: according to credible rumours, Apple have released software (open firmware updates and Apple drivers for windows) to install XP on Apple Hardware ...

In fact, above image might be slightly misleading, it was taken from this site detailing the demise of an IBM Thinkpad in December:

They shot me in the laptop!

I'm just not sure what to make of this week's other rumour, which seems to imply compatibility the other way round:
Apple's emphasis in the 10.5 era will be on resurrecting 'Yellow Box for Windows,' a set of Cocoa (and potentially also Carbon) API's for Windows that would allow Universal Binary applications to run on Windows with a mere 150MB software package installation.

Post Scriptum: here's another broken Powerbook and original images

(and then there was the story of the baked apple ...)