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before (unlimited width) etext

Fun With CSS and FF

While for a long time resistant even to graphical browsers, meanwhile I am addicted to Firefox for many tasks, most notably reading - and the most interesting sites are often enough not the best-layouted ones. I can understand that, basic, standards-compliant HTML is paramount and rendering the content to the user's satisfaction is most definitely a matter of his/her personal taste.

Not only my Taste but in particular my reading fluency dictates that text may only be so wide to remain readable, which is also a well-known design guideline. In my own css I played around with widths and came up with 45em as just on the verge of readability (above link recommends 30em, but that would imho lead to excessive scrolling.

p,li,dd,dt {
  max-width: 40em;
  padding: 5px 5px;

This looked ok on my pages. But what about other people's pages I might want to browse? I remembered the config files for Mozilla/Firefox, which are also held in css syntax. In particular I had copied lots of black ad-blocking magic to the userConfig.css, which was also the place for those lines.

etext after (width limited to

A few more words Mozilla Corporation, which seems to be a weird host- and organization name for an Open Source platform: Am I getting this right that the non-profit Mozilla Foundation had so much money to spend that they had to found a corporation - or would that be "to incorporate"?

ObBook: finished Sartre's Les Jeux sont faits a few days ago. It didn't even hurt all that much ...

Post Scriptum: some people seem to insist on 100 % paragraphs, this is bad enough; others forget to put text into <p> tags, which is absolutely detrimental to the formatting described ...