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sports. I always wondered idly why I couldn't for saving my life be interested in persons running around on groomed lawns chasing balls, much less partaking in such or different activities of the physical kind. Walking has alwasy been fine, provided I had an aim in mind - usually the destination of the walk, but occasionally a stroll for relaxing the mind would also be appropriate.

The truth is simple, and hurtful: as little as I am able to partake in any prolonged discussion, no more can I concentrate on the progress and outcome of a sports event. While some might call it attention deficite syndrome, it's probably just an effect of being a sociopathic bore. Usually I am content with the effects (wtf really needs to watch tv, much less sports), and since I don't have any disposition to growing fat it's fine by me. The other thing, though ... it makes me monosyllabic, lonely, more prone to idle (IRC) chatting and forming email friendships than deep conversation, friendships and relationships, not that I had much success keeping the latter two apart, which is a sociopathic trait in itself.