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spam report

Il primo programma antispam ITALIANO

After the yearly spamassassin upgrade (3.1 does indeed seem to have a slight edge over sarge's own 3.0) and quite a while after banning the spamcop.net "complete the report by following this url" mails from my inbox I decided to experimentally have them confirmed automatically using a LWP/HTTP perl script - since only those with a spamassassin score higher than the autolearn value as well as manually selected extra annoying false negatives get fed into the system, I gather it's a manageable risk; still I'd be highly grateful to network admins (I know you read this) for their opinion on SpamCop's nastygrams and possible alternatives ...

Update: a quick survey shows approximately 1000 mails/reports per day, I gravely underestimated that ... let's wait for the side effects. On a more sanguinic note, at least it's only 10 times more than the regular inbox count (including automated reports)

Update 2: greylisting cut that by 2 ordes of magnitude, which makes all the domains far more manageable. Go figure.