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Stevie Smith (again)

we all have those thoughts sometimes

She writes colorful, but hauntingly up-to-date prose; 25 years before Betty Friedan she seems to anticipate some of her feminist analyses of society ... the 35th anniversary of the date of her death occurred on March 7.

First of all there is Fiction for the Married Woman. This is how it goes. Sure enough Miss Snooks has got married to that nice solid young fellow. But somehow the gilt is off the gingerbread. It is all washing up and peeling potatoes, and there are several kiddies, and the furniture isn't paid for, and it is already beginning to look like it was time for some more.

And I can so relate to some of her issues and topics, never having been one to socialize a lot in sports clubs and other gatherings ...

[...] I have never played tennis. That is important. I have never joined an amateur dramatic club. That is also so important. That is where you meet people, as they say in our correspondence columns to all the girls who don't have young men, or can't meet young men, or can't.