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bread in 3 hours


This month I have started baking bread on a regular basis: it smells good (when made with the right spices), tastes good (if enough salt is added) and is cheap and easy to make. I usually take approximately half wheat, half rye whole meal or white rye flour if I don't have any of the darker, tastier, more nutritious variety, knead a relatively supple dough (tougher varieties become even tougher when baked), let it rest for about an hour and bake for approximately 1 1/2 hours around 200 ° C. Sorry, no exact figures, as always ...

Originally, I wanted to write about me being a supergeek and syndicating these pages in 3 hours, but 1. it took slightly more than that, 2. no one wants to read about rss any more and 3. I got hungry and therefore had to start cooking :) so here goes the unadvertised rest ...

rss in 3 hours

Uglyness rears its head wherever you don't look, and quick hacks are most prone to this fate. Once again I found a technology I had to implement not out of necessity, but because everyone else had it, which is a bad reason to boot. At least it brought me a cronjob and a few hours of concentrated hacking.

For a while I had been collecting webpages blog style, not sure whether to call them a 'blog or not. It seems the conclusion has been drawn by mere actions: since now the html and rss versions are both generated from the directory of pages, there's hardly any denying as to the nature of the site (a geek's hell who's boring everyone to death).

usage: edit and call dir2nblog.pl from a suitable cronjob in hourly intervals